School main facts

4.5 days, 17 modules (of which 2 CAD tutorials, 1 hand-on, 1 interactive know-each other session, 2 on emerging technology (Graphene, RF Nanotechnology); 15 Participants from 5 different countries and 12 different organizations (3 from industry); 15 Lecturers of which 4 from industry. 

The participant's enthusiasm and appreciation has demonstrated once more

the need for high level and highly professional multidisciplinary education at graduate and post graduate level. 

The organizer looks forward for renewing this initiative in the future !

Next year school will be jointly organized with the ESoA in Ankara Turkey ! 


Special thanks to: 


All lecturers, 


Ms. Brigitte Ducrocq and Ms. Marie Agnes Bellieres, Ms. Isabelle Nolhier (CNRS-LAAS)


Dr. Rosa De Paolis (CNRS-LAAS)


Dr. G. Prigent, Mr. B. Bastide (INP-ENSEEIHT)


About the school !!!

The 9th International Summer School on RF-MEMS and RF Microsystems, organized by the Topical Group on RF MEMS of the European Microwave Association (EuMA®), aspires to continue the successful series of events started in 2004*. The purpose of this School is to transfer and exchange knowledge on Micro and Nano Systems for RF applications, through a number of tutorials presented by experts from worldwide leading organizations. The event is open to academia, research institutions, and industrial organizations. Lectures will cover the following themes:

Introduction to RF Micro and Nano-Systems Technology
M/NEMS Silicon and Non Silicon Processing and Materials
RF and Multiphysic Design and Modelling
Reliability and Failures  Analysis
Micro and Nano-characterization
Reconfigurable architectures
Packaging and assembly


This year’s summer school includes:

  • Thematic half-day devoted to « Carbon based High-Frequency Nanoelectronics »
  • An Know-Each-Other interactive session scheduled on Day 2
  • Half a day tutorial on commercial modelling and simulation CAD tools
  • Half a day hands-on characterisation of  COTS RF-MEMS switches
  • Visit of Airbus A380 manufacturing facilities - Friday 28th, June 2013


The event will take place at INP-ENSEEIHT
2, rue Charles Camichel  F-31071 Toulouse – France)
from Monday 24th until Friday 28th  June 2013.

* within the framework of the AMICOM Network of Excellence


CREDITS: For European PhD students, a one week course may be eligible for 2 ECTS credits, provided these are accredited by the university and/or PhD advisor.


NOTES: This course is limited to 30 participants to ensure a high quality of training. Course notes will be distributed during the event, while a reference textbook is available at Cambridge University Press “Advance RF-MEMS” Edited by Stepan Lucyszyn – 2010.


Important dates

fleche_anime2.gif Accomodation form !


 Held on 24-28 June 2013 !!!



"School Announcement"


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